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On February 8, 2017, in a promotional campaign for “Chained to the Rhythm,” disco balls playing the tune were left in different worldwide cities. Capitol Records launched the song for download two days later on as the album’s lead single and onto American radio stations on February 14. The tune made over three million streams within twenty-four hours of its Spotify release, climaxing for the highest first-day streaming for a single track by a female artist. chained film.

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It features a hamster inside a doll home while a pair of human hands prepares mini food for the hamster. Erin Jansen from composed “we’re shown video of a hamster running tirelessly on a hamster wheel, a visualization of the popular idiom suggesting to perform activities repetitiously without progress.” She also pointed out that, “Paired with Perry’s lyrics, there’s definitely a message to be taken in.” A 23-second excerpt of the song in which Perry sings: “So comfortable we’re residing in a bubble/So comfortable we can not see the trouble – chained film.” Critics praised the strong political criticism present on the lyrics.

Perry co-wrote the track with Marley, Sia Furler, and its manufacturers Max Martin and Ali Payami. It has a length of three minutes and fifty-seven seconds – chained film. The tune consists of “slap bass” with aspects of electric guitar and synths. It includes a guest look from Marley and background vocals from Furler.

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Perry’s singing variety spans from the low note B3 to the high note G5, while the music follows the chord development of AmG/ADm7F. In the chorus, Perry sings “Turn it up, it’s your favorite tune/ Dance, dance, dance to the distortion/ Turn it up, keep it on repeat/ Stumbling around like a wasted zombie/ Yeah, we think we’re free/ Drink, this one is on me/ We’re all chained to the rhythm, to the rhythm, to the rhythm. chained film streaming.” According to Thomas H.

Chained - film 2019 - AlloCinéChained Bande annonce en streaming

Jason Newman from wrote, “Perry injects a subversive element below the ostensibly frothy tune, lacing her lyrics with concepts of selfish comfortability and complacency.” Mike Wass of Idolator explains the tune as” [a] curious disco/dancehall hybrid.” states, “Regardless of the light-weight ambiance” the track is a “decidedly political statement”. Lars Brandie from Billboard wrote the track “is constructed on a bed of warm, slightly-tweaked ’80s keys and has its energies tuned to the dancefloor.” Nick Levine of likewise observed political criticism in the lyrics, stating they “appear to be a rallying cry for society to become more politically included and less complacent.” In a positive review, E!’s Samantha Scnurr wrote the song “seems like a future party classic with its simple pulse and disco elements, layered below the positive veneer, Perry provides a strong message about awareness and activismand, according to her, how it’s lacking. chained film 2020.” NME customer Jordan Bassett praised the track as “like Daft Punk, however enjoyable”, and felt the production was “crisp-as-fuck”.

Chained Bande annonce en streamingChained – film 2019 – AlloCiné

According to him, “the single is developed around lyrics chastising us for being ‘gladly numb’ and ‘tone deaf,’ and attempts to carefully puncture the bubble that we produce when we hush the world’s issues.” Sal Cinquemani from Slant Publication praised “Chained to the Rhythm”, composing, “a track with a hook that implores listeners to ‘Begin, turn it up/Keep it on repeat’ had better deliver the items, and this one most absolutely does.” Josh Duboff from considered the tune “a departure from straight-forward firework metaphors and sentimental teenage love anthems (chained film streaming).” He kept in mind, “the concept of the tune is that we are chained to the ‘rhythm,’ maybe not questioning our everyday lives and existences as much as we must be.” MTV’s Anne T.

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Love Trilogy: Chained (2019) - IMDbLove Trilogy: Chained (2019) – IMDb

In the United States, “Chained to the Rhythm” debuted and peaked at number four on the Signboard Hot 100. It was the highest debuting tune by a female artist because Adele’s “Hi” gotten in at primary on November 14, 2015. It debuted at number 3 on Digital Songs chart with 108,000 downloads sold in its very first week, number 15 on Streaming Tunes with 14 (chained film 2020).7 million United States streams, and rose from 35 to 20 on Radio Songs with fifty million in audience after its first complete week of tracking.

Chained - film 2019 - AlloCinéLove Trilogy: Chained (2019) – IMDb

The track is Perry’s very first top 10 because “Dark Horse” including Juicy J. It likewise ended up being Marley’s first top 10 entry in the nation. The song debuted at number 20 on the Adult Pop Tunes chart, where it peaked at number seven. In its 4th week, the tune reached 62 million audience impressions and became her 16th leading 10 entry on the Pop Songs chart, connecting with Maroon 5 and Usher for the most top 10 on the chart, and her first leading 10 because “Birthday” in 2014.