4 Fun Spots to Visit in the Bandung One Day Tour

A Bandung one day tour, what are the places to visit? Bandung is always the best place to visit to relax and release stress. Aside from new spots located in city centers, its natural attractions are also too great to miss out. Interestingly, it is possible for you to take only a one-day tour in Bandung. Some spots are indeed located nearly from one to another. Meanwhile, you can use public transportation without being worried about traffic because of some alternative ways available. The attractions for the tour are as follows mpvholiday.

Tebing Keraton, Bandung one day tour

The first attraction is Tebing Keraton that is located in Dago Pakar. In this spot, you can enjoy the magnificent landscape of Bandung from the height of around 1,200 meters above the sea level. The spot is indeed quite far from the parking area. You need to walk to reach it or ride the motorcycle. Well, by walking, it is quite tiring indeed but at the same time the trip is enjoyable.

Juanda Great Forestry

Juanda Great Forestry or Hutan Raya Juanda is the next stunning holiday destination in the Bandung one day tour. It is particularly if you want to enjoy the fresh air as well as the relaxing green scenery. In one area, there are some objects available; they are Goa Jepang (Japanese Cave), Goa Belanda (Dutch Cave), Curug Omas Maribaya, the deer conservation park, and more. Walking around the area is highly recommended. Besides, you can also go biking and even camping. Make sure to capture some pictures in the forestry.

Armor Kopi

Located not far from the forestry, there is Armor Kopi. Yes, this place is actually only a cafe that offers traditional snacks from Bandung. But the design and concept are great; making the place should be included in the Bandung itinerary. The cafe should be visited during lunch time. This way, you can enjoy the delicious food surrounded by pine tree plantation. It is really fascinating, isn’t it?

Lembang’s Farmhouse

Lembang’s Farmhouse is a kind of parks and playgrounds with many unique photo spots. Sure, this area is more suitable to be enjoyed together with family and friends. The most famous spot here is the Hobbit’s houses. Besides, you can also play with some animals kept there like sheep and rabbits. Sure, you should follow the instructions given so that those animals will not be disturbed. Next, you can continue the Bandung one day tour by visiting the urban area of Bandung.